One platform for secure communication

All of the features of Elysian work together so your school can too.


Messaging that's quick and secure

Provide your school and families a centralised place to stay organised and interact.


Stay on top of school fees

Issuing and collecting fees is now a simple, integrated experience for schools and families.


Prioritise your data protection

Keep your school and families safe by reducing the chance of cyber threats such as phishing scams and identity theft.

Pay Fees

School fees at the click of a button

Even Jason Bourne can’t evade school fees! Do away with the need to print and post your statements home. Elysian’s financial tools give schools the help they need to assign, send and collect payment for any fee.



Elysian automatically retrieves statements of account directly from ebs4, ensuring all fees in the platform are up-to-date.


Accept payments easily

Receiving payments from families shouldn’t be difficult. We make it even easier by working with your school’s Westpac POP.

Packed full of essentials

The most used form of communication between schools and families is email. Slow, insecure and clunky email. Elysian’s platform packs a powerful punch, with enterprise-grade encryption, extensive integrations and a modern chat experience.


Conversation styled

Real-time messaging in conversational format makes communication fast and easy.


Message translation

Integrated translation services makes communication accessible by everyone.

Translation Feature

Choose a better way to communicate